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2021.07. 19

People oriented, caring for employees, and physical examination warms people's hearts

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2021/7/19 13:34:29 字号

On July 16, in order to better protect the rights and interests of Linsen purification employees and let everyone have a comprehensive understanding of their physical condition and health, the personnel administration department of the company specially invited the doctor of kangpeilang physical examination center to carry out physical examination for all employees. It has long been a corporate practice for Linsen purification employees to enjoy free physical examination every year.

In order to run the physical examination well, the personnel administration department carefully organized and issued a notice on the physical examination of all employees in advance, giving warm reminders to the employees participating in the physical examination: do not eat greasy food, do not drink alcohol, do not exercise violently, ensure adequate sleep, etc., and carefully divided the specific time and place of the physical examination according to the working conditions and different departments. The employees participated in the physical examination in three batches. Physical examination includes general physical examination, urine routine, blood routine, complete set of liver function, liver and gallbladder B-ultrasound, etc., covering more than ten items of physical organ examination.

At the physical examination site, everyone consciously and orderly lined up to receive the physical examination form. The doctor asked carefully, checked carefully one by one, put forward a targeted health plan, and carefully answered the questions raised by everyone. Free breakfast was also provided after all inspection items.

This physical examination activity is a highlight of Linsen purification's adherence to "putting the interests of employees first" and an important measure of the company to care for employees. It is hoped that through this physical examination activity, employees can personally feel the "home" general care given by the company. I also hope that all employees should not only dream together, but also walk in a healthy way!

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